Westport, MA ~~ Fishing & Farming for Centuries

May 09, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Tucked away on the Southern Mass coastline and adjacent to the Rhode Island shore sits an idyllic little town called Westport, MA. Westford Point sits, sheltered on the East Branch of the Westport River creating a safe harbor for what began as a whaling port and still continues as a viable fishing village.

On a recent trip up North to visit family, I decided on a half day trip down to Horseneck Beach which I hadn't visited in decades! As I got closer to the beach, I noticed a small harbor filled with boats and made myself a mental note to try to find a way down along the river to get a closer look. When I finished my walks and photographs down at the beach, I started to make my way back home and lucky for me, I had no trouble finding my way down the dead end road and arrived at the Westport Shellfish Department. I was astonished at the beauty that I saw all along the quiet road down to the water. With camera in hand, I strolled up and down Main Rd in awe of the beautiful 18th century ship captain's homes and their back yards along the river. 

Here's a slide show of the homes along Main Rd. I'll follow up with photos of the fishing fleets that called Westport home.



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