North Island Lighthouse ~~ SC's Oldest

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IMGP0602North Island LighthouseNorth Island Lighthouse

This past weekend we finally got around to visiting South Carolina's oldest ligthouse, North Island Lighthouse (commonly referred to as Georgetown Light) which sits along the shore of North Island in Winyah Bay. Thanks to the philanthropic efforts of the Yawkey family (of Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park fame), North Island, South Island & Cat Island have all been preserved and designated as a barrier island wilderness, never to be developed!

You can access the island and view the lighthouse only by boat via Rover Tours out of Georgetown, SC. The lighthouse nor the grounds around it is open to visitors so the only photos you'll get are from the boat. The trip out to the island is about 45 minutes long each way depending on how much time is spent along the way slowing down to view dolphins, sharks and whatever other marine activities going on! Once at the island, you're given approximately 90 minutes to explore the beach and the dense maritime forest of the island. A variety of shells can be found along the shore and we were lucky enough to see a peregrine falcon watching over us from atop the oaks. There were also countless numbers of monarch butterflies flitting about along the shoreline and in the forest. 

Here is where you'll find the Yawkey Preserve & North Island.


Here are 3 shots of the lighthouse taken from the boat.

IMGP0603IMGP0603 IMGP0612-2IMGP0612-2 IMGP0614IMGP0614


You can see more lighthouses from up and down the east coast here in our lighthouse gallery.


And here are a few more from our 'island adventure!'


IMGP0522IMGP0522 IMGP0526IMGP0526 IMGP0546IMGP0546 IMGP0554IMGP0554 IMGP0583IMGP0583 IMGP0599IMGP0599


Below you'll find a wonderful article that will provide you with all the background that you'd want regarding North Island Lighthouse courtesy of the South Carolina Maritime Museum. Please visit their webpage for so much more valuable information about everything South Carolina maritime!




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