Weekend On The Outer Banks

January 30, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Our photography goal has always been to take as many photos as possible in as many places as possible all along the North & South Carolina shore. From our home in Little River, we'd been as far south as Charleston and as far north as Cape Lookout, the southernmost portion of the outer banks. While we've traveled up the entire stretch of the banks in the past, it's never been with a photo objective.

With a wonderful weekend forecast recently, we decide to make a quick getaway to go farther up the outer banks. With beaches, shrimpers & lighthouses in mind, we made plans for Nags Head and after 5 hours behind the wheel, in the dark, the wind, and the rain, we landed at Oasis Suites Hotel, our weekend home resembling heaven! 

A short night and up at the crack to see what beauty awaited! The fishermen beat me well before sunrise to cast their lines off the causeway bridge, luckily casting with the gusting, cold north wind coming off of the sound. If you look closely in the photo, you can see them lined along the bridge

IMGP5608Sunrise across Roanoke SoundThis was a long exposure so it looks at though the water is dead calm when in reality, it was churning up pretty rough, especially for an inland sound. IMGP5621Sunrise through the cloudsThe rays of sunrise working their way through the ominous cloud cover. The clouds did dissipate to yield a lovely cool & sunny Autumn day

As the day progressed, the sun climbed high and the winds climbed higher and the marsh began to take on its glorious golden hues! Some of the instagram posts that follow have multiple photos attached which you can view by swiping left or clicking the arrows.


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